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Welcome !

Photography is a creative vehicle to appreciate life and enjoy an intimate relationship with nature. It is a wonderful way to enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us. My images are my way of expressing the appreciation and love for the natural beauty.

The image speaks directly to the viewer without the use of any language. With great intensity and a life-long passion, I have tried my best to capture the unique perspectives in nature, through careful composition, use of color, texture, and contrast.

Nature is my passion, my kingdom. Capturing nature's beauty is a soul satisfying hobby for me. Artistic by nature, i am fascinated by designs and colors in nature. I feel that my artistic expression is best expressed via nature photography or music.

During one of my trip to Alaska, I did realize my passion for nature photography and followed my pursit of happiness since then. Landscape Photography is my favorite and i was truly blessed to explore some fascinating places on earth. Some of those magical moments are beyond expressing through the lens.

With patience and a deep commitment, I truly have found something that makes me completely happy and fulfilled. In addition to nature photography, i enjoy travel, hiking, camping and playing intrumental music.

I hope this visual journey you are about to embark, will stimulate your senses and inspire your respect for nature.

Contact me via email venkat.sivaneswaran@gmail.com